About Us


Midland Chinese School (MCS) 密德兰中文学校

Midland Chinese School (MCS) is a non-profit organization founded in 1977. Board members and teachers of MCS are volunteers from the local community who are native Chinese speakers. Board members are not compensated while teachers are compensated an honorarium at a very low rate.


Our Mission 我们的目标

Provide a positive environment of learning Chinese language and culture to all ages as well as prepare our learners to become independent learners with the desires, the skills,

and the abilities necessary for lifelong Chinese language learning.


Board Members 校务人员

Principal: 裘丽芳

V.P & Library: 邵徽

Treasurer: 应罕泽

IT: 任静

干事: 刘伽、郭兰、 李延立、李冰冰、郑晓明、王丽云

活动策划: 刘贵萍