About registration 如何注册


MCS currently use the Simplified Chinese textbooks 《中文》(教材下载. The textbooks cover materials to be taught in both Fall and Spring semesters. The textbooks are complimentary for Simplified Chinese students. The textbook for Pre-K, Traditional Chinese and Practical Chinese Class has special arrangement.

Tuition: 2018-2019 academic year (Tuition is nonrefundable after class starts):

Fall: $154 ($11 per week for 14 weeks)

Spring: $198 ($11 per week for 18 weeks)

How to register:

Midland Chinese School 2019 - 2020 academic year will use 2019 fall semester registration to register online. Once you fill up the form, you will receive a confirmation email with all you registration information in a PDF file. Please print out the PDF file then sign and date it. Bring it together with registration fee on the first day of class.

Step 1: Click here to fill the Registration Form;

Step 2: PRINT the completed form;

Step 3: Bring the signed and dated form together with registration fee to the class to finish the registration.

Notice: The check should be made payable to "Midland Chinese Network".

Early Bird Registration by:

o August 25, 2019 for 2019 fall semester;

o December 29, 2019 for 2020 spring semester.

Walk-in Registration (A late registration fee of $20 will be assessed) by:

o September 8, 2019 for Fall ( first day of school)

o January 5, 2020 for Spring (first day of school)

Please follow exactly the steps above. Thank you!

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classes in 2019 –2020 School Year 课程安排


Pre-kindergarten Class

This class is designed for kids in the age of 4 to 5 to be immerged into Chinese learning environment and stimulate their interest for Chinese culture. 

Simplified Chinese (K-12)


A  Class:

暨南大学 《中文 》系列教材 1-12 http://www.hwjyw.com/textbooks/downloads/zhongwen/

B  Class:

《轻松学中文》少儿版  “Easy steps to Chinese for Kids”

These classes are designed for youths of 6 years or older with an interest to learn Chinese with a long-term study plan:

Pinyin Class 

A: Grade 1-12

B: Grade 1-6


A Class for kids of Chinese-speaking family 

B Class for kids that are not from Chinese-speaking family. 

Traditional Chinese (K-12)

Textbook: TBA

This class is designed for youths with an interest to learn Traditional Chinese with a long-term study plan. 

Practical Chinese

Textbook: TBA

The Practical Chinese classes accepts students age 12 up to adults. These classes are designed for non-Chinese speaking individuals who wish to learn conversational Chinese. 

  • Practical Chinese for Beginners (For English native speakers who have no Chinese Language experience)
  • Advanced Practical Chinese (For English native speakers who have at least one year Chinese Language experience)